MO Studio’s multidisciplinary team designed, prototyped and developed a complex device for us on a tight schedule. They explored multiple design directions and delivered a product that exceeded our expectations.

Matt Ibarra, Sr. Industrial Designer, Product Development


Innovation Lab is a healthcare incubator that works directly with inventors (often clinicians) to evaluate and commercialize ideas with significant market and social impact. While the inventions in its pipeline are inspired by observed patient needs and gaps in the current healthcare system, they require an additional lens of user experience, design, and business strategy to create truly innovative solutions that are technically feasible, economically viable, and ultimately desirable.

Design Challenge

How might we evolve the design of a medical device into a proof of concept model in 6 weeks that balances the clinician’s unique requirements, satisfies rigid patent and cost limitations, addresses patients’ behaviors and unmet needs, and can be showcased to internal stakeholders?


  • Conducted in-field research with inventor and patients to understand context of use, user pain-points and unmet needs, and intellectual property requirements
  • Quickly overcame mechanical and usability challenges by developing creative engineering and design solutions
  • Designed and developed multiple design directions to address mechanical, size, and weight limitations
  • Rapidly prototyped a range of low-fidelity design concepts, conducted user testing of prototypes, and evolved designs based on learnings into a functional prototype that looks and behaves like the potential go-to-market device
  • Created and implemented a design with a considered aesthetic direction and user experience
  • Produced and delivered functional prototypes with working mechanisms, soft goods, and hardware components

Patients and Caregivers Face Challenges Beyond the Obvious.

In-Context user research helps provide insight and creates empathy to real challenges beyond the obvious.

Patients face many challenges that are critical to their health but difficult and overwhelming to accomplish.

Patients face many challenges that are critical to their health but difficult and overwhelming to accomplish.

Understanding the Patient’s Journey

Connecting with patients, caregivers and physicians to understand real issues and needs.

Patients do a card sort to help communicate and prioritize their biggest challenges.

Connecting directly with people will help get to the core of their needs.

Helping Patients and Caregivers Establish A New Normal

A chronic illness means a lifetime of challenges and solutions need to consider the different stages of a person’s journey.

Deep insights from patients lead to relevant solutions.