Designing a Human-Centered Lunch and Learn Experience for UCI’s Entrepreneurship Community

Helping innovation leaders change culture within a mature company

Case Study

How might we develop a relevant hour long discussion on design thinking that strikes a tone with a broad audience and leaves them wanting to know more about human-centered design?

University of California Irvine’s (UCI) The Cove community of investors, industry experts, academics, entrepreneurs, and startup teams are focused on developing disruptive products yet this ecosystem has limited thought leadership on how Human-Centered Design can help them avoid making mistakes and get radical collaboration from their teams.

MO Studio served in the role as Expert-in-Residence and designed and facilitated a 60-minute lunch and learn on human-centered design with 100+ stakeholders from across The Cove’s ecosystem. The two person team led participants through a curriculum that covered all aspects of the user centered process, relevant case studies, and funny stories of what not to do. The team shared how we use HCD as a tool to solve business challenges, where people get stuck in the process, and how to avoid it. A live recording of the event can be viewed on YouTube.

I was at The Cove earlier today and it was great learning from you and Sue’s inspirational talk about Design Thinking. It was my first time at The Cove in UCI and after watching you guys today I will definitely attend more sessions.
– Undergraduate Student in attendance

“I attended your talk about design thinking today at The Cove. I really liked how you used Juicero as an example of something that seemed like innovation when it was actually a product that really needed a reality check. It was very interesting to think about.”
– UI / UX Designer